Building a Cedar Strip Canoe

Below are some pictures of a cedar strip canoe that I helped to build. It was constructed at Quiet Canoes in Atchison, KS in 2009 by my son and I under the direction of Steve Spencer who owns Quiet Canoes. He helped a little too.

I've been thinking of building one of these for at least a year, maybe two. I knew I didn't have a suitable place to build one, didn't have the tools, and I lacked confidence in my skill level. When I saw the web site for Quiet Canoes ( ) I began to have hope.

Using their services probably cost me about as much as (or less than) buying a ready to build kit and all of the tools that would have been required. Plus, I'm sure we avoided many pitfalls and mistakes that we would have experienced, and we got done much quicker. We had access to a bigger supply of strips to choose from, and we were able to incorporate some custom touches. It took ten 10-hour days to have the canoe ready to take home, and a couple of weeks of less intense work at home to complete the varnishing and finishing touches.

This canoe is 17' 9” and weighs in at 60 pounds.


The Strongback with Forms Attached

The Stripping has Begun

Almost Done Stripping

Shaping the Stems

The Fiberglassing – Now That Looks Better!

Glass on the Inside – WOW

Gunnels and Decks in Place

A Place to Sit and a Yoke

Varnishing the Sanded Fiberglass

A Loon Decoration

Ready for Action

What the Fish Will See