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's HiSpeed Dial up Access


What is HiSpeed dial up access?

It is an exciting new technology that allows you to use your existing phone line with no additional hardware and's service to achieve a faster Internet experience.

What is accelerated and what isn't?

What is accelerated?

What is not accelerated?

  • HTML pages and Java Script
  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Email
  • Streaming content - Streaming video or audio.
  • Secured web pages - Those pages that you enter personated information, like banks etc.
  • File transfers - Uploads, transferring files through instant messaging programs etc.

How does it work?

You need to download and load a FREE software on your computer that connects to a special server at  Once this software is installed and connected to our hispeed service, you will experience up to 7 times faster web page loads as well as email sending and receiving.  This service works by compressing the data before we send it to your computer.  The software that you are installing will uncompress the data on the fly.  Also, as a bonus, this software will also stop those annoying pop up windows.

How much faster is it?

It is up to 7x faster than the standard dial up connection.  It also includes a pop up blocker so that you don't have to wait for those annoying pop up windows load!


Read to get started, download the software today to experience a whole new Internet. 
HiSpeed requires the HiSpeed rate.



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