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  is a leading provider of Internet/Intranet services and solutions.

Some of our services include:

  • Web Site Development

  • Site & Server Hosting

  • High Speed Access

  • Web Site Authoring

  • Internet Development

  • Intranet Solution Provider

  • Extranet Deployment

  • Database Integration

  • Site Marketing is quickly being recognized as a leading Internet solution provider for several reasons. First, we can fulfill all of a company's Internet needs "in house" and provide end-to-end solutions. These Internet Services include consulting, hosting, access and communication, development and marketing. Second, we have developed strong expertise in the Internet global marketplace by working with various advertising agencies, web graphic artists, networking companies and computer consulting companies. Finally, we believe in providing cost-efficient solutions to meet our customer's needs, reliable service and first class support.

To find out how your company can benefit from the Internet, where you belong on the worldwide Internet marketplace and what you need in order to be connected to the global community, give our pre-sales office a call at (810) 230-9455. Our specialists can answer all your questions, from implementing cost-efficient solutions for your company's Internet access to connecting remote offices together and developing custom web applications to best suit your company's needs. Our corporate office and network operation centers are located in Flint, Michigan.


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